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What to do if your cat is afraid of travelling?

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Is your cat afraid of travelling? Fortunately, there are simple solutions to put in place to help them used to it.

Tips if your cat is afraid of travelling

It can be a stressful experience for your cat when travelling, and it is possible your cat feels anxious every time he get into his crate. Here are four tips to make it possible to alleviate any tensions your cat has during journeys:

Tip 1: Choose the right transport cage! 

Favour one with a removable lid that’s large enough for the cat to stand up and turn around in. You can lay a blanket at the bottom of the cage during the journey with a few of his favourite toys. If your cat has an accident, the blanket will absorb much of it and your cat will not be covered in their waste.

Tip 2: Accustom your cat to the transport cage as soon as possible

Leave the cat’s carrier visible around the house as if it were a common object and occasionally put treats inside or use it when playing around with your cat and his favourite toys. Your cat will get used to getting in and out of the basket freely and at his leisure. Don’t wait until the last minute to introduce the travel cage to your cat! The most common mistake is getting it out at the last possible moment. 

Tip 3: Prepare the trip! 

Few cats actually enjoy car rides. Make sure the temperature inside the car is neither too hot nor too cold. Also remember to bring a sheet to cover the cat’s cage. This could reassure your cat not to look out the windows, although some prefer to be able to see outside.

Tip 4: Treat your cat

Brighten up the journey by giving treats to your cat all along the way or entertaining him with his favourite toys that are already present in the basket.

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