baby in walker facing siberian husky on sofa
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Watch what happens when baby spots dog on sofa, you won't believe it! (video)

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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What would we do without dogs? Here’s our guess: We’d be a lot more bored and we’d certainly laugh a lot less. Need proof? Just watch this video.

In this video, a boisterous Siberian Husky puppy can be seen standing on the living room sofa as a baby approaches inside his walker. Thankfully, Mum caught the whole scene on camera.

Husky wants to play with baby in walker

As the baby gets closer to the Husky, the dog gets more and more excited. Knowing he can’t unfurl his excitement onto the delicate and fragile baby, he lets it out instead in the form of zoomies! The playful pup starts running back and forth on the sofa, occasionally stopping to play bow right in front of his human sibling.

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Meanwhile, the baby finds the dog’s behaviour absolutely hilarious! In fact, the baby laughs uncontrollably, staring at the funny pup in amusement.

One good dog

And in the background, of course, we can hear Mum giggling too. After all, this is an incredibly cute scene! Both dog and child seem to be fully entertained by each other! And the way the dog keeps a safe distance from the baby says it all – this is a well-behaved dog who loves his little human very much already.

What a beautiful friendship. We are sure these two will grow up to be thick as thieves. 

We urge Wamiz readers to always be cautious when letting a pet play with a child. No matter how sweet pets can be, they may sometimes feel uncomfortable with a child's rough play and children can’t always pick up on that. Better safe than sorry, always supervise interactions between a child and an animal!

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