What is a suitable amount I can feed my cat treats?


What is a suitable amount I can feed my cat treats in a day?

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There is no right or wrong answer here, but make sure you are not over feeding. If you are giving more treats take it out of their food allowance for the day. 

You can also get a slow release treat feeder which will keep your feline friend occupied for longer and also it will challenge their mental capacity. 

Hi Daniel! 
                It depends on the treat but roughly 10% if their daily calorie intake is generally a good rule of thumb to stick to! 

Some treats are high in sugars and fat so you don't want to cause issues later on for a short term pleasure. You could also find ways to treat your cat without the use of food items, such as new toys!


Personally, I feed my cat delicacies only when I train it. It only happens a few times a week, but I don't know exactly how often. You may find this information on the site. I was recommended reading of this site when I asked on the forum whether a cat can have a piece of sandwich with mustard.

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