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Why do dogs' paws smell like Cheetos?

2 Answers

Dogs paws are always in contact with the ground, so unusual smells will be a regular occurance. Checking their paws regularly is essential to eliminate any injuries or infections. Make sure you clean your dogs paws on a regular basis just in case. 


Hi Harry! 
               This is quite a common occurrence in dogs! It's down to a combination of yeast and natural bacteria that your pooch picks up on their walk! Pseudomonas and proteus are the two types of natural bacteria that make their way from soil or water into the crevices of a paw, and it's the former that gives your pet that snack food smell.

Even though it's very common, within a few cases it can sometimes be a sign of infection. If your pooch is excessively licking his feet (licking is a normal thing for your dog to do, so the emphasis is on excessive) , his paws are greasy or there is inflammation in the webbed part between his toes, you might want to take a trip to the vet just to be safe!

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