What food can't cats eat?

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My cat likes to eat anything but I am concered that I may give him something that he shouldnt eat.

What food shouldnt I give to a cat?

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Hi Daniel!
                Cats are usually quite good at detecting what is good and bad for their bodies however there is always a risk and worry like with any animal who enjoys hoovering the floor!

Be mindful of the amount of treats you give your cat and what kinds of 'human' foods they may show interest in. 

As for foods that are toxic i will run through a few that you should avoid letting them have access to.

1) Onions, shallots, spring onions and garlic. These foods are typically poisonous to cats in large quantities but many foods have a concentrated form (Eg powders, soups) which can also be toxic. These foods cause damage to your cats red blood cells and can lead to anaemia. Smptoms will include lethargy, reduced appetite, pale gums and a darker urine.

2)Chocolate, milk and dairy products! A surprising one since cats enjoy drinking milk! However since dairy is produced by mother cows for baby cows, cats aren't born with the digestive enzymes to break down lactose in milk. They are born with an amount to breakdown the lactose in their mothers milk for a few weeks as kittens but are often not equipped to handle a reintroduction as adults. This may lead to an upset stomach and diarrhoea. Cat style milk is available at most pet stores!

3)Grapes and Raisins! Avoid at ALL costs! they can lead to rapid development of kidney failure due to the chemicals within the fruit, tannins, and possible pesticides on the skin. within 12 hours of ingesting a grape your cat may show signs of vommitting, diarrhoea etc.

4) Raw eggs, raw meat and bones! Consuming these items can lead to salmonella or E.coli poisoning in cats (which can then be transmitted to humans). Raw eggs can cause skin and coat problems, bones may cause choking, or injure the cats digestive tract/teeth.

If you suspect your cat has eaten any of these i recommend contacting your local vets immediately!

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