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How do I keep my dog off the bed?


My dog loves burying in the blankets and sleeping on my bed...I just don't like it hygiene-wise. When I tell him to get off he does, but he is determined to get on, so as soon as my back is turned he gets back in. Does anyone have any good tips on how to stop this behaviour?

3 Answers

Have you tried closing your door when you're not around? 😂 I know it sounds silly, but if he only gets on when you've got your back turned, just don't give him the opportunity! Good luck :)


What worked for me was creating a space that was just as comfortable as my bed! I got her a pita bed (which they can bury themselves into), and put a small piece of my clothing inside so he liked the smell. I propped the pita bed up on a platform so he was at my height. I always reward him when he goes into his bed. Now he prefers to be there than with me! Hope this helps x


It's super hard for me to keep my dog off the bed... He's just super adorable!

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