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English Pointer

Other names: The Pointer

English Pointer

Calm within their family group, the English Pointer is extremely energetic when working. They are hunting dogs, famous especially for their speed. They’re always sprinting when hunting, but are able to freeze like a statue. They make very good companion dogs: they’re very gentle, balanced and easy to train; they are sometimes a little shy with strangers. They devote true adoration to their owner.

Key facts about the English Pointer

Life expectancy :





Temperament :


Size :

Origins and history

The Pointer is one of the most famous, widespread breeds in the world, but their origins remain uncertain. According to some authors, the English Pointer derives from the Italian Pointer, however, according to others, they come rather from the Braque de Burgos or the Portuguese Pointer. It is likely that the Pointer originated in France and that they went to England where their breeding continued and was perfected. The crossing with a Foxhound seems plausible.

FCI breed nomenclature

FCI Group

Group 7 - Pointing Dogs


Section 2 : British and Irish Pointers and Setters

Physical characteristics of the English Pointer

    Adult size

    Female : Between 24 and 26 in

    Male : Between 25 and 27 in


    Female : Between 44 and 66 lb

    Male : Between 44 and 66 lb

    Coat colour

    Type of coat

    Eye colour



    The English Pointer is a medium-sized dog with a square shaped torso; each part offers both great power and extreme ease in movements. The head has convergent skull-face axes; the length of the skull is equal to that of the muzzle. The muzzle is square, with a raised nose; the stop is very marked. The eyes are big and round. The ears droop down; are supple, thin, almost triangular and flat. The neck is elegant, arched, sharp, long and slight. The limbs are well developed and muscular, perfectly level. The tail is wide at the base and thins towards the end, which is very fine.

    Good to know

    Although this dog can make a very good companion dog, pay attention to the very high bloodlines selected for the job. An English Pointer with very strong unsolicited instincts can be very complicated to manage on a daily basis.


    • 66%


      These dogs love their master and would do anything to please the members of their adoptive family. On the other hand, with people they don’t know, they are much less demonstrative with their affection.

    • 66%


      As a puppy, the Pointer enjoys playing; these games are also very useful to perfect their training. As an adult, intelligence games are most interesting for this working dog, and helps them to maintain their focus.

    • 66%


      Overflowing with energy, this dog knows how to adapt to the atmosphere of the house and be calm when necessary, provided that all their exercise needs have been met.

    • 66%


      Lively and passionate at work, this dog is highly appreciated for their many qualities. They are a particularly docile breed that quickly understands what is expected of them.

    • 100%


      The English Pointer (like the Setter) is very popular among hunters thanks to their highly developed flair, great endurance, speed and remarkable adaptability. They are mainly used to hunt game birds. They mark the stop like a stone sculpture.

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      Fearful / wary of strangers

      When they haven’t been introduced to others and this dog is not confident, they are very reserved towards strangers.

    • 66%


      This dog can be relatively independent and can even go for a walk in the garden without being seen for hours.
      On the other hand, they can also be very dependent on their master at home. Their desire to do well and win approval creates a certain bond.

      Behaviour of the English Pointer

      • 66%

        Tolerates solitude

        If the English Pointer puppy is accustomed from a very young age to being alone, once grown, they can easily stay in on their own for a few hours. However, absences must not be prolonged, and the dog must be well exercised before and after each period of being alone.

      • 100%

        Easy to train / obedience

        The Pointer is certainly one of the most docile hunting dogs. They have a very rare obedience so are very pleasant to work with.

        Of course, training, as for all dogs, must begin early and respect the principles of positive education to create and strengthen a real relationship of trust between the dog and master.

      • 66%


        This dog rarely barks when unwarranted. A good alert dog, they never bark for no reason.

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