German Wirehaired Pointing Dog

Other names : Deutsch Drahthaar, Drahthaar

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Life expectancy

The German Wirehaired Pointing Dog has a life expectancy of between 13 and 15 years




Adult size

Female Between 22 and 25 in
Male Between 24 and 27 in

Adult weight

Female Between 55 and 66 lb
Male Between 55 and 66 lb
Coat colour
Type of coat
Hard Long
Eye colour

Purchase price

The German Wirehaired Pointing Dog costs between £610 and £745

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German Wirehaired Pointing Dog: Origins and history

You won't be surprised to know that the German Wirehaired Pointer was first bred in Germany. Its origins can be traced back to the late 1800s, where a small group of breeders and hunters decided to create a strong, versatile hunting companion. Although there's some disagreement as to the exact lineage, it's commonly accepted that the Pointers ancestors include the pointing griffon and Pudelpointer.

FCI classification of the German Wirehaired Pointing Dog

  • Group 7 - Pointing Dogs

  • Section 1 : Continental Pointing Dogs

Training a German Wirehaired Pointing Dog

This depends on how much experience you have of dealing with highly intelligent dogs. Although a certain level of intelligence makes training a dog much easier, very intelligent dogs can pose a challenge to the novice dog handler. Intelligent canines are also very strong minded and will often engage in "naughty" behaviour if they're not being stimulated or challenged in the right way. If you've never trained a dog, do lots of research before taking on the challenge of a German Pointer.

German Wirehaired Pointing Dog: Purchase price

A purebred German Wirehaired Pointer and registered at the Kennel Club can cost up to £745. For a dog not registered at the Kennel Club, the average price is £610.

You’ll need to budget between £50-70 each month to cover the cost of high-quality dog food. Other expenses, like insurance, will vary depending on your dog's age and medical history. Overall, maintaining a healthy Pointer will cost around £1200 per year.

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