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A windowsill cat bed will let your pet comfortably observe their environment.

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What are the best windowsill cat beds?

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Cats love observation posts, whether it's a top of a shelf, a sofa, or a windowsill. They also appreciate comfort. Luckily, there are cat windowsill mats to combine comfort and entertainment!

From padded, non-slip cushions to place on the windowsill, to hammocks that are hung against the glass and perches with suction cups, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to providing your pet with a quality observation post. If you have a playful kitten, they will love jumping on their window sill cat bed. This accessory will also encourage senior cats to exercise: it's excellent for the joints.

Are you about to adopt a new friend? Give them the welcome they deserve by offering them a soft, comfortable window bed for cats. It will become their place to relax in peace while keeping an eye on their environment. To help you choose from a wide selection of models, we have written this comparison.

Why do cats like to lie by the window?

Cats are naturally curious and are interested in everything that happens in the house and outside. That's why they love to lie by the window to observe the outside world. This is the ideal place for them to be safe and warm while they do their favourite thing. They can watch the birds, the cars coming and going, the neighbours and anything else that stimulates their hunting instinct.

By sitting near the window, they also stay close to their owner. Even though cats are somewhat independent and solitary animals, they like to know the doings of those who live with them.

Furthermore, to reach the window sill, cats have to jump. That is normal behaviour for these little felines, who love to exercise. Climbing on furniture, on their cat tree or their cat window mat is part of their daily routine.

Why should I buy a cat windowsill cat bed?

Cats love to look out the window and see the outside. Buying a soft, self-heating windowsill mat allows your pet to lie down for a nap or to look around.

With a cat windowsill cat bed, your pet will be warm and protected from draughts. In addition, the elevated location will force them to do some exercise. That is great for overweight cats who need to move around more to lose weight.

Finally, the warmth and softness of the self-heating window mat will provide relief to the joints for older cats with arthritis.

What are the different types of cat windowsill mats?

Cat window mats come in many shapes and sizes.

The most common are padded mats with non-slip spikes that sit on the window sill. Simply place them there and watch your cat enjoy.

There are also soft, self-heating cat mats. Perfect for cold weather and pets with rheumatism, these mats use the heat emitted by the cat's body to spread it around the cat.

Is your cat an athlete? Hanging cat windowsill mats are ideal for cats who like to climb and jump. They usually attach to the glass with suction cups and offer a wider observation angle.

What should I look for when buying a windowsill cat bed?

When choosing the ideal window mat for your little friend, consider the following criteria. The accessory's colour is one of the most important ones. If it is light, stains will be more easily visible, especially if your faithful companion is used to going outside. They will often bring in mud or water, and the window mat will need regular washing. To avoid that, choose a patterned mat that not only hides stains more, but also cat hair.

Fleece is soft and comfortable, while sisal or sea rush are ideal for cats who like to sharpen their claws.

Finally, for added comfort, opt for a soft, self-heating material that will ensure quality rest.

Are cat window mats suitable for all types of cats?

All cats like to look out of the window. However, not all cats can jump onto a windowsill. That is why, before purchasing a window mat, think about whether your cat is going to enjoy it.

For example, if you have a senior cat who has joint pain and can no longer jump high enough, consider buying a cushion to place on the floor.

On the other hand, hammocks that attach to window panes with suction cups are not suitable for all breeds of cats, as they can support a certain maximum weight. Giant breeds such as the Ragdoll or Savannah will have to do with a mat.

If your fur baby is still a kitten, a window mat or hanging hammock is just the thing for them. They will love the exercise and will enjoy looking out the window.

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