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Dreaming about cats? The meaning behind your dream is finally revealed!

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What does it mean when you dream about cats?

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It is not uncommon to come across one or several cats in a dream. But what is the significance of such encounters? What does it mean if you see a black cat? Or white? What do these dreams mean?

The meaning behind each dream we have is intriguing. That is probably because some desires in our subconscious mind make us very nervous as we don't know what our subconscious is trying to tell us. A lot of people are trying to understand, analyse their dreams better, especially people who dream of cats. 

Since the science of dreams is not an exact science, several institutions argue over the meaning of cats in dreams. Some studies state that dreaming of cats represents our most carnal passion, the one that keeps us from sleeping. It doesn't just mean sex, but also money and love. For others, the cat is a feminine symbolism and some think of it as a guide who has a lot to tell us

Either way, the presence of a cat in a dream can still be interpreted. Find out all you need to know about the meaning behind your dreams.

Why do we dream of cats? 

The cat is a common animal that we encounter in many situations. Everyone knows what a cat looks like. We meet them on the way to work, during a trip, and even when we walk by the neighbour's windows, and they are lying on the windowsill observing their surroundings. That is why dreaming about cats also happens for people who don’t own a cat, even though statistically, cat owners will dream about cats more often.

From a spiritual perspective, a dream about a cat will reveal specific information to the dreamer. From a biological and psychological perspective, dreams are the result of a mixing of stimuli, memories and images from previous days reaching the brain. It is enough, therefore, to even glimpse a cat or its image during the day to make it appear in our dream.

Dreaming about cats: The meaning behind your dreams

The interpretation of a dream about a cat depending on the sex of the dreamer is interesting. As it is associated with female nature, when a man is dreaming about a cat it symbolises a desire for a beautiful partner, romance or relationship. For a woman, it may mean the need for new erotic experiences or that she should pay a little more attention to her femininity.

Interpretations of dreams about cats differ depending on the type of dream analysis and the cultural circle in which it was created. There is a different meaning given to cats in Europe than in Asia, so a cat's presence in a dream will be perceived differently.

Find out all about the origins and history of the cat

In the European cultural circle, when we dream of the cat it means the following:

I dreamt about several cats surrounding me

This means that, in the case of a business, things will go better than expected. Do not hesitate to go solo because the cats in your dreams will bring you luck.

I dreamt about stroking a cat

This is an auspicious dream since dreaming of petting a cat means that you should receive a large amount of money very soon.

I dreamt about feeding a cat

Much like petting the cat, feeding it also means that your bank accounts will be fine and that a good amount of money should be arriving in your life soon.

I dreamt about a cat moving away from me

That’s unlucky... Unlike the two previous cases, this means that you should lose money very soon.

I dreamt about a dead cat

Again, no luck. The dead cat means that you will soon be robbed or cheated. Keep an eye out.

I dreamt about a black cat

Obviously, the cat’s color is very important. When the cat is black, it symbolises a hesitation in our life, an uncertainty about the future. It can also represent a potential betrayal.

I dreamt about a white cat

When you come across a white cat in a dream, you have to follow it. The cat is then like a guide that accompanies and leads to a better understanding of oneself.

The white cat also symbolises the love you feel for someone and portends happiness. The white cat is also a symbol of the bright side of the soul and an encouragement to trust your own intuition and feelings. Although your intuition may suggest something other than your mind, it is worth listening to.

I dreamt about a female cat or kittens

It signifies a desire to please in everyday life. It can also mean a childish side that is still very marked. A small kitten is usually heralded by a nice event - positive news or new ideas (e.g. business). Psychological interpretations suggest that small, fluffy and adorable kittens may mean longing for motherhood or a need for closeness.

I dreamt about a cat and a mouse 

Here, the interpretation is twofold, depending on whether in a dream we were closer to being a cat or its victim. If the former, then a dream heralds success. If we feel a connection with a mouse, it means that we are surrounded by scammers or we are falling into a trap.

I dreamt about being attacked by a cat

Contrary to what one might think, the meaning of this dream is positive. This means that you have the ability to flee from your enemies and achieve your goals, even the most ambitious. But it can also mean that people around you are trying to harm you. It is in reality the outcome of this "fight" which will determine the final meaning of the dream.

I dreamt about a cat that was meowing

It is quite rare to hear cats in our dreams. Most of the time, they don't express themselves. But when you hear meows, it usually means that someone is going to verbally attack you or talk about you behind your back. Also, the meowing cat, according to most dream analysis books, heralds a short-term misfortune that will quickly turn away.

I dream about getting scratched by a cat

As we can imagine, this is not a good sign. The scratch of the cat indicates infidelity within a couple or a household scene. Some dream analysis books drifting towards psychological interpretations believe that a scratch or aggressive cat in a woman’s dream means that she does not accept her femininity or has difficulty expressing it.

I dreamt about a cat eating

A dream about a cat that is eating heralds jealousy for someone else's success. If the cat is thin and hungry, it may mean that in the near future you will help someone in need.

I dreamt about being bitten by a cat

A dream about an aggressive cat who bites or scratches may indicate the presence of enemies in the environment, often under the guise of friends. It can also mean that there will be obstacles in your life that you did not expect.

I dreamt about a cat’s purr

A dream about a purring cat is a harbinger of satisfaction. It can mean success in life or suggest that someone is grateful to you.

I dreamt about a cat sleeping

The sleeping cat is a metaphor of a mysterious threat. You have to be careful not to trust the wrong person and to be vigilant (e.g. in business). For most cat lovers, a sleeping cat will mean complete peace and contentment.

Dreaming of cats in other cultures

Cats are viewed differently in other cultures.

In Japan, cats are considered to be lucky animals (Maneki-Neko) - dreams about cats will therefore be interpreted positively most of the time. However, there are also beliefs related to the character of the killer cat (neko Oni) and the necromancer cat (nekomata), which means that if a cat appears in a dream, it is seen as a symbol of danger or disease in some situations.

On the other hand, in the USA, it is good to dream about a white cat or a cat with green eyes. The interpretation of these dreams are a harbinger of happiness and good luck.

In some Arab countries, a cat is considered a guardian of pregnant women hence a dream about a cat coming home may mean pregnancy, and if a pregnant woman dreamt about a cat it may be a warning that there will be complications.

For us at Wamiz, all dreams about cats are wonderful because we love these animals!

Good night, sweet dreams!

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