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Will my dog recognise my dad?


Hello! Because of Covid, I haven't seen my dad in over a year. My dog Lana and him were really good buddies before the pandemic hit and I really hope that nothing will have changed between them when they next see each other. But I'm really worried as I don't think we'll see my dad for another 6 months! Has this ever happened to anyone? Thanks in advance :)

2 Answers

Make sure every interaction is positive and gradual. The Dog will get used to more people visiting but make sure it is slow as this will take time. Covid has effected our animals just as much as us so give them grace and reassurance that everything is OK. Make sure you reward behaviours you do want and ignore behaviours you don't want. Also observe your dogs body language to make sure they are OK with the interaction. 


Hello! I completely agree with Wiggle1991 on the approach of keeping everything positive with lots of treats! However I would've very confident in saying that your dog probably remembers your dad and will maybe cry and get extremely excited upon their reunion! Dogs have very good memories and extremely good sense of smell, he will remember the scent as safe which will calm any anxieties!

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