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Hi guys, 

I'm looking for a pet sitter who will look after my dog and my cat while I'm at work. But to be totally honest with you, I'm struggling a little to trust a person to take care of my babies. What can I do to trust a pet sitter? What kind of questions should I ask? And where can I found a good pet sitter?

Thank you in advance

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Hello Harry, 

I totally understand your concern, I was the same when I had to go away for a week and decided to leave my babies with a pet sitter. But it turned out fine, they absolutely love their pet sitter and she even became a friend of mine. I think the best thing you can do first is meet the pet sitter outside with your dog to see how he/she interacts with your pet. That will already give you a hint if you can trust this person or not. Then ask him/her questions about previous experiences, what's included in the services and why does she/he enjoys being a pet sitter for example.

I'm sure you will find someone great to look after your pets. Good luck :) 

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