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My struggle with dog training


I've been a dog parent all my life and always struggled with dog training. There was so much information out there, but I never knew what to trust. I also had no idea how to implement what I read.

During the pandemic, I got a puppy and I was back to square one with the whole training process.

Like for many others, the pandemic was a tough time and to keep me busy I started working on a training app. I partnered up with some of the top UK dog trainers and we're now ready to launch the app.

It's free and our goal is to help people who struggle with dog training.

We're now looking for people to try it out and share their feedback. Is there anyone in this group who might be interested in giving it a test drive?

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Yes, I am interested in test driving the app. Please let me know more..  my dogs are sisters!  7yr old  ..estrela mountain dog cross   (father emd..mother is a mixture including hunting dog type).  We came back to UK from Portugal  where we were for first 18 months of pups lives..and want to return, if we can, to that rural life.

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