Why does my dog keep dragging its bum around the carpet?

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Hi Lozzabish, 

                      Dogs will communicate via their rear ends so when a dog drags its anus along the ground -- is almost always a sign something is irritating your dog. What's behind that irritation can range from infection to worms to inflammation. Some of the most common reasons dogs drag their bottom can include: 

1) Needing to poop

2) Anal Sac Problems -  Specifically dogs communicate with the smelly, fatty substance that comes from the anal sacs located internally on either side of their anus. Anal sacs can sometimes become abscessed, blocked, or inflamed. In an attempt to relieve the pain and discomfort, a dog may start scooting.

Scooting is only one symptom of anal sac problems. Other signs include chewing or licking around the area, swelling around the anus, and trouble defecating. These should be expressed if your pet isn't doing it whilst defecating but shouldn't be done unless you have been shown how to do it correctly. An easy way to eliminate this as a possibility is to increase diatery fibre!

3) Faecal contamination - A dog may drag his bum to scratch any irritation caused by poop!

4) Worms, regularly check a scooting dogs faeces for worms! These are most commonly small thin white worms and easily treated!


All the best!

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