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Why does my English sheepdog always walk into me when we are out walking and try to push me into the corner 

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Hi MaisMais!

                      I love and English sheepdog! you should enter them into the Wamiz of the month! This behaviour sounds alot like your dog wants to take charge of the walk and is attempting to direct you in the direction they wish to be heading!  To correct this i reccommend doubling down on your respect and obedience training. 

The pushing may also be a way of nudging you for attention and wanting to play! A working dog like this will also require mental stimulation. Get their brain to work, make them find food, teach them new tricks or even take them on an obstacle course. You should also differ their walking routes and take them out to explore new areas.

This breed is super intelligent and high energy, like many other smart dogs, independence often follows. This can hinder training at times and could lead an owner to feeling frustrated. Patience and consistency is key with this breed. You must ensure they have wasted their energy before trying to gain their attention.

Remember to replace food treats with affection where possible. This pooch is prone to putting on weight and obesity could lead to health problems.

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