Which dog should you choose according to your zodiac sign?

Zodiac sign and dog's breed.
There is relation between your zodiac sign and your dog’s breed. Ⓒdulgier, Unsplash

The astrologer Jimena La Torre wrote a very interesting book where she explains the correlation between the breeds of dogs and zodiac sign.

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The very famous astrologer Jimena La Torre recently wrote a book where she explains which dog is perfect for you according to your zodiac sign. She is known to be quite good at predicting the horoscope and the future, so this new enterprise does sound interesting. According to La Torre, there are certain characteristics shown by every breed that creates a perfect match with the different zodiac signs. Here you have some examples of zodiac signs and the best breed for them.

A strong dog for a tough zodiac sign!

Zodiac signs and breeds
German shepherds and Aries. Ⓒmatthewmiles, Unsplash

The most suitable dog for an Aries person is most definitely the German shepherd. These have a strong personality, sharp reflexes and a very pronounced sexual instinct.

What about Taurus?

Zodiac sign and breeds
Taurus and beagles! Ⓒicoman93, Unsplash

The perfect dog for a Taurus is an English breed like the Beagle (calm, elegant and patient).

Gemini’s dog is the Dalmatian

Zodiac sign and breeds
Dalmatian and Gemini!! Ⓒcatherineheath, Unsplash

Dalmatians seem to have a perfect bond with Gemini people. According to La Torre, the contrast of colors in Dalmatians reflect the dual personality of Gemini.

Cancer needs an Irish Setter

Zodiac sign and breeds
Cancer and Irish Setter! Ⓒrstone_design, Unsplash

This zodiac sign is very maternal, so it needs a dog that likes to feel pampered! Therefore, the Irish Setter is the perfect choice for a Cancer

The Lion’s dog

Zodiac sign and breeds
Lions need a Rottweiler. ⒸPixabay

Lions need a dog with a strong personality like the Rottweiler!

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The dog of the Virgin

Zodiac sign and breeds
Virgin needs a Chihuahua. ⒸPixabay

Virgin loves animals, but they need a challenging dog. Hence, the perfect match is the Chihuahua.

A greyhound for Libra

Zodiac sign and breeds
Libra matches with Greyhounds. ⒸPixabay

This zodiac sign needs beauty and elegance. Consequently, greyhounds are the perfect choice.

The Scorpion’s dog

Zodiac sign and breeds
Scorpio needs a Siberian wolfhound. ⒸPixabay

This zodiac sign needs an enigmatic animal. So, what a better pick than a Siberian wolfhound!

Which dog for Sagittarius?

Zodiac sign and breeds
Sagittarius gets the greyhound! ⒸPixabay

Sagittarius needs a dog with a slender body an independent nature, just like a greyhound!

The Capricorn dog

Zodiac sign and breeds
A golden retriever for Capricorn. ⒸPixabay

This zodiac sign needs a docile and obedient dog like the Golden Retriever.

The dog of Aquarius

Zodiac sign and breeds
The Poodle needs an Aquarius. ⒸPixabay

Aquarius needs an extravagant dog just like the Poodle!

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Last but not least, Pisces!

Zodiac sign and breeds
Mixed breeds need a Pisces! ⒸUnsplash @irenedavila

Lastly, this zodiac sign does not need a purebred dog. In fact, any mixed breed can be a perfect match. Likewise, Pisces are extremely sensitive to animals!

I hope you enjoy this collection. Furthermore, next time you get a puppy, try to follow these guidelines. Perhaps these help you to find the exact dog breed that you need.


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