These Three Signs Say that Your Dog Needs More Exercise

All dogs need exercise, even the lazy ones. The small ones need it, the large ones need it, the purebreds and the mixed breeds all need it. Exercise is one of those things that’s important for every dog. It benefits both their physical and mental health.

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Confined to lives inside our homes, dogs need to get out and stretch their legs, smell new scents and explore the world. It enriches their lives as well as ours. While many owners think they provide enough exercise for their dogs, they often don’t.

If you’re wondering whether or not your dog could use some more activity, look for these traits.



Obesity is a growing problem with dogs all over the world. While a big part of the issue is owners feeding their pups way too much food, the other is the lack of physical activity many dogs face today. Think about it, human obesity is a problem due to lack of exercise – so it makes sense that many dogs aren’t getting enough exercise either.

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They can’t grab their leashes and go walk themselves! Longer walks, more games of fetch and even a good run are all ways to offer your dogs more activity. Explore new places and enjoy the outdoors together.

If your dog is overweight, increasing physical activity is a great way to combat obesity and the many ailments that tag along with it.

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