Young boy finds lonely puppy and takes him to safety in backpack

A ten-year-old boy in Brazil came across a lonely puppy, picked him up and carried him to a local pharmacy.

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Lonely puppy rescued by child

The little white dog was in the middle of the path that ten-year-old João takes to school every day. But instead of walking straight past and getting to lessons on time, João decided to save the helpless pup. He picked up the small lonely puppy, tucked him into his school bag, and took him to the safest place he knew.

Safe and sound at last

The local pharmacy in João’s neighbourhood has bowls outside for stray dogs. So João carried the lonely pup over to the store. Security cameras filmed João helping the dog to food and water, then saying a touching goodbye to the lonely puppy. Shortly after, staff at the pharmacy noticed the little dog and contacted rescuer Josiel Pedro Barbosa, who maintains the bowls. Barbosa quickly arrived on scene to save the lonely puppy.

A small act of love with big consequences

João, meanwhile, went on to school, oblivious to the fact that his caring, selfless act had been caught on camera. The video has gone viral, with millions of views. But that’s not all. After posting the story online, Barbosa heard from a potential forever home for the lovely, no longer lonely puppy. He has now been adopted!

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Learning that the dog had found a loving family, João told Globo News that he was really happy. The pharmacy, as a way of thanking João for his heroism, gave him a new pair of trainers. He is now known as the local hero. Barbosa, who has cared for stray dogs in the region for years, hopes that João’s behaviour will serve as an example to the next generation.

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Gepostet von Josiel Pedro Barbosa am Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2018

Full marks for a big heart, João!

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