You’ll never guess what this dog does when her owner’s are gone!

Dog’s are known for their loving natures, but Luna the Bull Terrier has got a very unusual way of showing it.

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Luna has never really liked being left alone, but it wasn’t until her owner returned from a short outing that he realised just how much she needed her family’s company.

Luna was getting a bit lonely

Fearing she’d been abandoned, Luna went through the empty house collecting her owner’s shoes. She then took them back to her doggy bed for comfort!

Commenting on the funny and touching scene, her owner Justin Grosjean told the Dodo that “My wife and kids were out of town and I went to Home Depot for 30 minutes and came home to this. I think she panicked and thought we all left. It broke my heart.”

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The Grosjean family adopted Luna in 2015, and it soon became clear that she needed lots of attention. Justin said, “She was just a pup and truly our fur baby from day one.”

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A familiar scent

Luna has always had an obsession with shoes. She liked to chew on at first; it wasn’t until later that she started her own collection. But it never bothered the Grosjeans: “No matter if we’re gone for five minutes or an hour she has always been drawn to our shoes to keep her company. We think they smell like us and keeps her feeling close to us, and after all, she’s been through we don’t really mind — she can have ’em!”

Luna’s behaviour may have stemmed from separation anxiety, but, after three years with the Grosjeans, she’s developed into a healthy and well-adjusted dog. Luna now has two humans siblings and she loves seeing the whole family together. Justin said, “She is happiest to see us all together and happy, “She’s so gentle and tolerant with our babies [and] we are so blessed to have her in our family.”

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