Woman nearly starves to death her ex’s dog for revenge

dog was starved to death by a woman
Owner nearly starved to death her dog. @fredrikohlander. Unsplash

Authorities found a dog named “Champ” in Laurens, South Carolina, who almost starved to death thanks to the actions of his owner.

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Animal cruelty is one of the worst crimes anyone can carry out. Nevertheless, all around the world you can still find proof of how humanity is ruthless. Just a few days ago, the town of Laurens, South Carolina, witnessed the cruelty act of a women named Elizabeth James who nearly starved her dog to death just to get back at her ex-boyfriend.

Champ’s weight was just 48 pounds.

Champ” is a mastiff who suffered greatly for over 30 days. When the authorities found it chained up in the back yard, his weight was just 48 pounds (half of what it should be). Veterinarians, supported by declarations of the accused, came to the conclusion that Elizabeth James didn’t give him water or food for at least a month. In other words, she nearly starved to death her own dog.

Neighbors discovered that Champ nearly starved to death

Thanks to some neighbours who tipped off animal rescuers, authorities found Champ just in time. The 16-month-old mastiff had almost every bone in his body showing through his short fur. Yet, on top of that, the dog was actually covered in maggots, which is a clear sign that Elizabeth nearly starved him to death.

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Done for revenge purposes

According to Elizabeth James, her ex-boyfriend left Champ in her garden a month ago. She then decided to chain him up and starve him to death. The sad part is that Elizabeth has two dogs of her own which she fed during that time.

In declarations to the press, Sheriff Don Reynolds said: “Inhumane treatment of animals will not be tolerated on my watch”. He decided to charge Elizabeth James for ill treatment of an animal and jailed her until trial. Champ is making an excellent recovery with professional care and high protein foods.

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