Why was this dog riding on the bus all alone? Find out why.

An unlikely canine passenger was spotted riding alone on the bus! A large black dog decided to hop on board too.

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Not a familiar sight

OK, some people do take their pets on board the bus with them, but certainly, it’s not often you see one riding alone, totally unaccompanied by his human owner. Tet Tapuyao, a passenger on a passenger bus in the Philippines couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The big, black pooch just climbed on board and took a seat, just like all the other passengers. He gazed out of the window as the bus drove through the suburbs. Tapuyao did ask the other passengers on board if the dog belonged to one of them, but the answer was a certain “No”!

Dog entertains the passengers

It’s certainly not an everyday occurrence to see a dog riding on a bus. This definitely amused the other passengers, who were quite taken by his ingenuity. Although the other people on the bus were laughing and giggling, the canine was totally unruffled and appeared to be enjoying the journey. Tapuyao and her friend decided to video the dog’s expedition as they were really amazed.

Nova.Tapuyao ©facebook

The dog’s situation becomes clear

It didn’t take long to discover what the dog was up to. When the bus pulled up at the next set of traffic lights, an open-topped multi-cab pulled up alongside. This vehicle was loaded with adults and students. One of the kids was heard to shout, “It’s Vince!” before jumping down from the multi-cab. It turns out that the dog’s family were setting out for the day, leaving Vince the dog behind. Obviously not keen at being left at home, the pooch decided to follow them. It seems the bus was the best way!

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What an incredible dog

Vince was soon reunited with his owner’s and even got to join them on their journey. He was hoisted up into the back of the open vehicle, together with the rest of his family. Although it is known that Vince does sometimes take a bus journey with his owners, they never dreamt that he would take a solo-journey without them. What an expedition!

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