A white house cat was stranded and starving on a 1,500ft mountain peak

White cat stranded on mountain
White cat stranded on Looking Glass Rock ©Georgy Rudakov. Unsplash

A tiny, afraid and starving housecat was stranded on the top of Looking Glass Rock, a 1,500ft mountain peak. With striking white fur, the cat was in danger of being harmed by predators on the mountain – but two volunteers from the Brother World adoption centre were determined to save him.

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“Elgee” the cat, as he is now named, was spotted lurking around the peak of Looking Glass Rock by hikers multiple times early in August. Hikers had given the cat some water and fed him some jerky, but were unable to catch the cat.

Before the rescue took place, Eric Phelps, community cat manager at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, said: “For the past week or so the cat has really been making himself known to people going up there – and that’s because he’s starving”.

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Cat-loving volunteers were determined to bring the cat down to safety

Volunteers at the shelter, Bill and Mary Ann, made it their mission to rescue the cat. “We started at 6:30 am, and it’s a 1500ft climb,” Bill said, “But there should be no reason for a cat to be up here – there are no homes, no civilization, so to speak” he continued.

After a three hour, 6.5-mile hike, armed with a backpack frame and humane animal trap, Eric, Mary Ann and Bill spotted the tired, thin white cat. A can of cat food enticed Elgee in just a few minutes – he was clearly extremely hungry.

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Elgee was underweight and tired – but he’s found a loving new forever home

When the dedicated group found poor Elgee, he wasn’t in good health – weighing just 5.9 pounds, tired and covered in parasites. Brother Wolf had been nursing the kitty back to health – when his luck grew even stronger.

The lovely couple who saved him, Bill and Mary Ann, already had two rescue cats. Their first cat, Blackledge, was skinny and afraid from a similar experience to Elgee, when they first adopted her.

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Having already fallen in love with the little white cat and his brown and black markings, they decided it was fate and decided to take Elgee home with them – forever.

Jackie Teeple, the spokeswoman for the shelter, said: “Having worked with shy cats before, they were the ideal candidates for adoption, and after just a few days decided to make it official,” Teeple said. “He’s making very good progress. They even bought a camera to check on him while still respecting his space and need to adjust.”

How Elgee ended up at the top of a huge mountain will forever remain a mystery – but what’s important is that he’s in a loving, caring, new forever home. Support the incredible Brother Wolf Animal Rescue centre and all the wonderful work they do by donating here.

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