Virginia fire crew rescues dog stuck in the ceiling

Rescue of small dog
Small dog rescued from the ceiling ©pezibear, pixabay

Help – the dog is stuck in the ceiling!” It wasn’t the usual emergency call-out that a fire crew is used to answering. On Saturday, Fairfax County firefighting team in West Springfield, Virginia, received a request that didn’t involve any flames or smoke!

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Urgent response for dog rescue

The crew rushed to the home of a family whose small dog had managed to escape. This wasn’t any ordinary pet rescue though. The small, grey dog somehow managed to climb into the ventilation duct above the cupboard in their home. Unable to access their pet themselves, the home-owners had no option but to dial the Fire Services for help.

It’s not known how the pet managed to enter the heating vent in the first place. Some pets are really inquisitive, so he probably wondered what was down the pipe. Perhaps he discovered an intriguing smell. Only a very small breed would be able to gain access and follow the route of the duct.

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The crew from Engine 427, West Springfield, responded to a ruff and far-fetched rescue last night. A small dog was trapped in an HVAC duct in a home. Crews took a brief paws to shed some light on dogs location and work out strategy. Firefighter Mark Williams proceeded to cut a hole in the basement ceiling and retrieve the dog. A happy and pawsitive outcome fur all! #fcfrd

Gepostet von Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department am Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2018

©Fairfax County Fire, Facebook

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A “pawsitive” outcome for the dog

After reviewing the situation, Firefighter William had to access the ceiling using a ladder. The Fire and Rescue crew approached the rescue with a witty slant and posted on Twitter “Crews took a paws to shed light on the dog’s location and work out strategy. A pawsitive outcome!”

Once a hole was made in the ceiling structure, the pooch was pulled through and out into the hands of his relieved owner. He didn’t appear to suffer too much distress after this rescue ordeal. After a cuddle and a treat, the dog was soon back to his happy self. Of course, totally unaware of the commotion he had caused.

Fairfax Fire and Rescue Department shared a video of the dog’s release with the humorous label “ruff and far-fetched”. The crew certainly went over and above their line of duty with this rescue!

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