Top 10 Most Lovable Dogs!

There’s a reason why dogs are called man’s best friend — there’s absolutely nothing as adorable or as satisfying as the unconditional love of a four-legged friend. These most loving breeds are always delighted to shower us with kisses or cuddles, or to just curl up on the couch with us after a long, tiring, hard day. Of course, this list does not mean that the other dogs are not lovable, but some puppies just like their own space, while other pups love YOUR space.

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Here are the 10 most lovely dogs!

1. Labrador Retriever


If you do not fancy lap dogs and rather yearn for a dog you can actually wrap your arms around, consider the loyal Labrador Retriever. It’s not really a big surprise that this breed is known for its charming, loving nature. No wonder they are awesome service dogs!

2. Golden Retriever


Known for its affectionate character, the golden retriever is commonly used for therapy work because of its friendly inclination toward everyone it meets, including strangers. They are the best companion dogs and they have a very friendly personality that is a delight to be experience!

3. Bichon Frise


Often regarded as the epitome of the “lap dog,” the Bichon is a joyful and playful pup who just wishes to please everyone. The breed is respected for its loving nature and its ability to get along really well with the kiddos as well as the other dogs!

4. Bulldog


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Regardless of its “controversial” facial attributes, the Bulldog is in fact one of the funniest, cheeriest, and most adorable dogs you could find. They are friendly, endearing, obedient and loyal. The bulldog is the perfect family pet!

5. Irish Wolfhound


Regarded as the “gentle giant”, the Irish Wolfhound is huge and strong. Fret not, however, since the Irish Wolfhound is also one of the most gentle, most adorable and noblest dogs you’ll ever meet! They are also considered to be great family companions!

6. American Eskimo Dog


Known as one of the most adorable dogs, the “Eskie” immediately bonds with its human family. This very energetic dog requires a huge amount of exercise and, with the right amount of attention, they are amusing, obedient and very well-behaved.

7. Old English Sheepdog


The Old English Sheepdog is smart, can be trained easily and can get along really well with gentle kids. With an outgoing nature, this breed will go all out to show you how much they adore you!

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8. Collie


Who wouldn’t want the faithfulness or love of Lassie? Collies are known to be loyal family dogs who are just perfect with kids! These adorable pups are as joyful jaunting with you when on a walk as they are when curled up on the couch with their head in your lap.

9. English Toy Spaniel

Adorable puppy
Adorable puppy

The English Toy Spaniel is known as a small regal dog who is tender, joyful, frisky and affectionate. These breeds are very smart, make great family companions, and get along well with children!

10. Maltese


The Maltese – a toy breed, is a loving pup who gets along very well with other dogs, strangers, and also cats! For them, human contact is life! So you better get ready to spend a lot of quality snuggle time with your Maltese!