A restaurant is hosting a three-course meal for pet parents and their dogs

A restaurant in England is offering pet parents and their dogs a three-course meal for the duration of a day. Learn about its details in this article.

Usually, taking your dog out for a fancy meal in a restaurant is impossible. Fortunately, this is now possible thanks to a restaurant in London! According to its recent offer, for one day only, you can see your dream come true. So, where can you enjoy a three-course meal with your pet?

Ben’s Canteen offers a three-course meal to people and their dogs

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This amazing restaurant lets you enjoy a delicious three-course meal, but also, your dog will enjoy one of his own. Ben’s Canteen is located in Earlsfield, London, and recently, it created a bespoke menu just for dogs! As part of a one-day trial, this restaurant offered an exclusive menu on the 28th of October with the aim of pleasing clients and their dogs.

Even though you are accustomed to a three-course meal, your dog isn’t. For starters, dogs get a trio of dog biscuits, followed by a gourmet dog food and, for dessert, a vanilla or chocolate ‘pupcake’. Without a shroud of doubt, that sounds incredibly yummy!

How can people have access to this offer?

The Meerkat Meals are available to anyone. Customers just need to buy a starter, main and dessert through the Compare The Market App. Afterwards, you only have to show your membership number on the app when you are about to pay. This is a limited offer. So, you should better get cracking!

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According to Julie Daniels, Head of Meerkat Meals, “As dogs are an integral part of the family for many, it is no surprise that some owners want to dine out with their beloved pet. With a clear demand for dog-friendly eateries, we’re delighted to be partnering with Ben’s Canteen in Earlsfield to trial a dog menu as part of our offering, ensuring dogs and their owners can enjoy a delicious 2-for-1 meal when dining out”.

So far, Ben’s Canteen is the only place where you can enjoy a three-course meal with your pet.

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