This terrified stray dog’s fur was so matted, that you could barely see his face

Sang Su’s fur was so matted, that even well-trained staff at the Trio Animal Foundation couldn’t even figure out what breed he was. How this stray dog in Chicago ended up in such a terrible state is anyone’s guess – but now he’s making an incredible recovery!

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The rescuers could barely see his face

Life for this pooch must have been devastating. Found on the streets of Chicago, his fur had overgrown into a knotted, tangled mess from head to toe. It was so thick, that it was almost impossible to see his terrified eyes peeking through.

A nonprofit organization called the Trio Animal Foundation, who specialise in helping animals who have experienced profound neglect, were gobsmacked. Despite seeing neglected pets day in, day out, they’d never seen a case quite as bad as Sang Su’s.

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“His fur was so tightly wrapped around his legs and ears that it was like a vice,” President of the Trio Animal Foundation, Sue Naiden, told The Dodo. “Due to the massive amount of urine-soaked fur that encased Sang Su’s body, he was hard for people to stand by because the stench from his fur burned your nose and throat.

But the dedicated organization was determined to give Sang Su the life he deserved. They rushed him into an emergency grooming procedure by trained by four medical professionals.

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Look at the beautiful big boy we found under all of that matted fur! Sang Su is actually a Cocker Spaniel mix with a little nubbin for a tail and long ears… holy cow!It took anesthesia, 4 medical staff and two hours to get through all it Sang Su’s urine soaked fur.His ears are a mess right now as they are infected, have sores and are starting to form hematomas from shaking his head. Hence, the wrapping around his face to keep his ears from moving. Sang Su has a secondary skin infection, infected eyes and major inflammation in the areas that his fur was pulling so tightly next to his skin.Sang Su was still a bit groggy when we picked him up and now is resting comfortably. He finally started to eat and all he wants to do is be held.We will make sure to post an album tomorrow! Thank you to the caring staff at Wicker Park Veterinary Clinic for taking such amazing care of our boy today!

Gepostet von Trio Animal Foundation am Donnerstag, 27. September 2018

Eventually, they managed to free him of his awful, overgrown coat. Sang Su was finally able to move with a full range of motion and run without restriction!

Sang Su was completely transformed

It turns out that Sang Su was a cocker spaniel mix – and a beautiful, loving one at that! Though he looks much better, he is still suffering from infections all over his body. He also has to wear a bandage around his ears to help him stop shaking his head, from the haematomas he’s developed.

The foundation wrote in an emotional Facebook post that “Sang Su is very unsure and just wants to be held. His eyes look vacant and he has yet to show happiness. One can only imagine what this poor dog has been through and the loss that he has endured.”

But despite his struggles, Sang Su has been making a slow yet inspiring recovery. Spending time with two therapy dogs has really cheered him up – and he can’t get enough of his new human friends at the shelter.

“All he wants to do is be held or lean up against you. His legs will be shaking but he still wants you to pet him,” Naiden told the Dodo, “This craving of affection is what will help in his recovery and ability to trust people again.”

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Trembling and unsure of what is going on, the need to be loved far outweighs his memories of abuse. Sang Su’s eyes tell a story of past horrors but his willingness to trust shows that it is not too late to make a difference in his life. Slowly but surely we will get there.

Gepostet von Trio Animal Foundation am Freitag, 5. Oktober 2018

When he’s made a full recovery, Sang Su will be available for adoption from the Trio Animal Foundation. Can you spare some money to help cover his medical costs and find him the loving forever home he deserves? Donate to this brilliant organisation here.

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