This small act of kindness goes viral when dog owner shows his love for his pet

This dog owner showed he has a heart of gold in a recent video taken of him and his dog, as he shows his love by protecting him from the rain shower.

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On a very rainy day, a guy was shopping at the local market without a raincoat, but it’s clear he wasn’t going to let his elderly dog suffer the downpour. He unpacks a raincoat, not for himself but to cover up his old retriever dog and then places a straw hat on the dogs head as extra protection. He clearly thinks more of his ageing pet’s needs than he does of his own well-being.

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Do our dogs have emotional feelings too?

Dogs are quite complex animals that we understand can encounter various emotions too. As any dog owner can testify, the huge amount of love that we declare for our pets can be awe-inspiring at times. While many experts deny that dogs do reciprocate these feelings, studies do actually prove that canines do understand some sentiments too.

While we don’t expect them to repay our love and respect as humans do, they do understand kindness when it’s given. Dogs are not only intuitive animals but also very loving and loyal especially towards the person that takes care of their needs.

Dogs pick up on our cues

A dog owner can generally notice when their dog is feeling disappointment, anger or happiness, purely through their actions. Have you noticed how your dog will pay more attention to you when you speak kindly to him? Our pets certainly pick up on human emotions even if we aren’t always aware of it. One sign your dog shows you he cares is by wagging his tail. Does he sit and look at you with loving eyes, or place a kiss with his sloppy tongue on the side of your face? Or perhaps he sits contentedly by your side where he feels safe and protected.

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caring boy and dog
Dogs pick up on our kindness too ©pixabay

Just like humans show their emotions in different ways, so do our dogs. It’s thought that a dog can spot kindness just by looking into a human’s face. Could this be true?

The owner in this video certainly shows how much he cares for his lovely dog. First posted on Speak Comedy, it now has more than 30,000 views. It proves that we definitely do love our pets!

I live in County Durham, in the North East of England, and have been a freelance writer for several years. My hobbies include travelling, gardening and spending time with my grandchildren. I believe that animal lovers are a special group of humans, full of empathy, big-hearted, rather prone to sentimentality and generous of spirit. No matter how few possessions or how little money you have, owning a pet makes you a rich person!