This dog was so overweight he could barely move – but now has a FAMOUS Mum!

A dog was 50 pounds too heavy when he was found. Trapped inside his own body, he could barely walk. But his rescuers – including his famous Mum – have changed his life forever.

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“It was kind of shocking – I remember, sort of, gasping, like oh my god, he’s so BIG! said Arbuckle’s newfound Mums to The Dodo. “He’s, you know, a HUGE, HUGE dog. But just SO cute!”.

Arbuckle was dangerously overweight

This overweight, terrified pooch was found alone in a field – but he wasn’t exactly hard to spot! Weighing in at 116 pounds due to hypothyroidism, this dog’s life was clearly at threat. He could barely move, with the extra weight was putting pressure on his entire body.

But the dedicated team at The Purposeful Rescue took him in, knowing he deserved a chance at living a happy, healthy life. But to his surprise, he was adopted by famous actress Jane Lynch and her partner, Jennifer Cheyne. Yep, a once abandoned, lonely pup now has a famous Mum!

“We think his life, was previously one of complete isolation. He’d probably been in an enclosure. I don’t think he’d ever lived in a home”.

But they were ready to take him on!

“But we love a project. We have a commitment and the passion to help these animals. And he was a BIG project – we agree… Arbuckle certainly was a big project!

But after taking him back to their place, Arbuckle’s new Mum’s noticed that their new pooch wouldn’t enter their home. “It was kind of heartbreaking. It was like it was foreign to him – he just didn’t get it” they explained.

Arbuckle started his thyroid medication and the pounds quickly started to drop – at that point, his entire personality started to change.

Arbuckle is beginning to come out of his shell

“All of a sudden, he was chasing the dogs around the house, being part of the pack. We took him to the park, and he just stood there taking it all in. You can see it in his face, just how happy he is”.

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Arbuckle definitely still has a few pounds to shed, but he’s well on his way to his target. He was trapped, but now he’s been set free. “When he’s happy, he literally has dimples. He actually has a smile”.

And now he’s Insta famous!

We’re so happy to hear that Arbuckle has a happy home and two incredible Mums. The lucky pup now has Instagram – and he’s now famous too! Make sure you keep up with his brand new, happy life and weight loss progress by following him here.

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UPDATE 9:45am Thursday: GOOD NEWS #arbucklesarmy !!!!! I just spoke to the doctor. He is doing much better this morning. 🙌🏼 He ate well and his sodium is nearly normal. 🌟 Best of all: He really wants to get up! 🌟 He just can’t do a very good job of it yet. The doctor is going to ease off the Keppra in tiny bits. And I’m getting some CBD into him next visit. 🤭 (He is getting thiamine as of last evening so a big THANK YOU to the one who suggested it to me. I can’t seem to find your message now. But it may have helped a lot!! 🙏 ) Oh my gosh you guys — pray for a good day for him! I feel like something has shifted. You are the BEST!! What force could withstand the positive energy and love being sent by #arbucklesarmy ??? #ourbuckle ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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You can also donate to The Purposeful Rescue, a non-profit which saves dogs from high-kill shelters in LA, by clicking here.

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