This Dog Has Developed a Very Unique Skill Just so He Won’t Disturb the Neighbours!

Noisy neighbours are one of the biggest drawbacks to living in an apartment. And if your neighbours have dogs? Jeez! We all love dogs, but we don’t always love hearing them. Even though dogs are delightful, those four a.m. bark-a-thons are nobody’s cup of tea.

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This isn’t a problem for Dudley’s neighbours though. He lives in the dorms at Greenville University with Brian Gertler and Brian’s wife. Not all dogs are cut out for apartment life, but with a little work, Dudley has become an A+ neighbour!

Brian noticed that Dudley was too winded to bark loudly after an intense game of fetch, and with training, has managed to teach the pooch to “whisper.” Now, Brian and Dudley can play any time, day or night, indoors or outdoors, all thanks to Dudley’s mastering of his inside voice!

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Dog barks in a whisper while playing at night

This energetic Illinois dog learned to bark in a whisper so he could play at night without waking the neighbors. Full story:

Gepostet von WGN TV am Samstag, 15. Juli 2017

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Dudley’s neighbours would be really grateful, if they actually knew he was there!

If only children controlled their “inside voices” as easily. Should Brian and his wife have kids, Dudley will set a great example for them!