Things Are About to Change for These Dogs Who are Being Dumped or Hanged After Hunting Season

There’s a sad statistic that no one wants you to know about:

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In Spain, 50 000 Spanish Greyhounds (known as Galgos) are dumped, or killed, every single year — once the hare hunting season ends. These dogs are bred just to be used in the hunt, and then abandoned or killed. This is a sick secret that’s being kept and it’s NOT okay!

Valentina, one of these Greyhounds, was rescued just in time. Now, she’ll know what it feels like to be loved. Others like Valentina are waiting for a miracle, and sharing this story can change their fate!

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These dogs are bred solely for the benefit and entertainment of their heartless humans, and once the hunting season is over, they are left to die. Some will remain on the streets. Some will perish from hunger or lack of medical care. And some will be beaten, or worse, killed by their owners. For these people, the dogs are merely property to be discarded once their purpose is served.

Thankfully, rescue groups are trying to save these dogs. People, like Mari Carmen, rescue as many as they can and try to place them in forever homes.

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