They Were Going to Visit Grandma, but Look Who Smothers Their Dog in Kisses

Sometimes the interactions between two completely different animals can be amazing. The instant bond between this baby horse and a new dog friend proves just that.

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A white and light brown, spotted dog came with his owner, Jessica, to visit her grandmother’s house in Olathe, Colorado. Beside the house was a large field and a couple of animals, including a 1-week-old baby horse.

Quickly, the dog and the baby horse became acquainted by sniffing each other out and sizing each other up. The horse was so intrigued, it must have been her first time meeting a dog. As they got to know each other better, the dog started to lick the baby horse’s face in a friendly greeting.

Soon, the brown horse decided to say hello to her new friend too. She nudged the dog’s head away and leaned forward to kiss him on his side, right on one of his spots.

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Luckily, Jessica grabbed her camera and captured the whole adorable moment on film. After all, it’s not every day that we see a baby horse and a dog meet for the first time.

The two animals were bonding so fast, they were almost inseparable after only a few minutes.

Toward the end of the video, it looks like the two of them are going to be best friends. To see their first meeting and all the cute kisses, check out the video below.

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