These two puppies were CHUCKED in a bin as if they were rubbish!

Who could throw something as happy, bubbly and precious as a puppy into a bin? That’s exactly what happened last week, when two puppies were chucked in a bin by a heartless man.

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The San Antonio Pets Alive! Medical clinic explained the shocking situation on a Facebook post last week: “A MAN JUST THREW AWAY TWO PUPPIES LIKE TRASH IN THE DUMPSTER BEHIND SAN ANTONIO PETS ALIVE! MEDICAL CLINIC!”

The puppies were chucked in a bin

Speaking to The Dodo, staff explained that they know exactly who was behind this heartless act. A man walked into the clinic last Friday and asked if he could leave two tired, skinny puppies with them. The dedicated medical staff directed him to the nearest no-kill animal shelter, knowing they’d be in safe hands once they go there.

However, the man obviously couldn’t be bothered to take the 3-month-old, terrified puppies to the shelter. Instead, he committed an ultimate act of cruelty and shoved them into the bin, just behind the shelter.

Thankfully, a local spotted the terrified pair

They stayed there, shaking in the damp, smelly bins until a local opened his store’s rubbish bin, only to find the scared little babies staring up at him. Thankfully, the man reported the pups to the clinic directly, and the kennel supervisor rushed over to save the day.

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After the puppies were safe in the clinic, they were clearly overjoyed to have been saved. “They immediately snuggled up to our kennel supervisor and were all tail wags when we offered them food and love,” Kylie Brasher, the director of the medical clinic, told The Dodo.

But the puppies were unwell

The clinic’s Facebook post made it clear how neglected the cute little dogs had been. “They were found covered in fleas and ticks, extremely hungry (may even have been starved) and after immediate medical tests, both puppies have Ringworm and Coccidia (a parasite affects the intestinal tracts of dogs). Crockett (white puppy) also tested positive for Parvovirus.”

Now, there’s a long road of treatment ahead for the siblings. But under careful care, the clinic staff are confident that the pups will be able to make a full recovery. And it seems they’ve already perked up a little!

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“Now that the puppies have full bellies and are on medications for the medical conditions, they are extremely affectionate and playful,” Brasher explained. “We are very hopeful for full recoveries.”

“Crockett is feeling more adventurous now and is climbing the baby gate in his kennel to get to staff for attention,” she continued, “Bowie likes to be held on his back like a baby while you rub his belly,”.

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To keep up with Crockett and Bowie’s story, make sure to follow the San Antonio Pets Alive! Medical Clinic on Facebook. Want to help this incredible organisation save even more innocent animal’s lives? Donate here and help them to continue their good work.

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