The Pomsky: a Mini Husky that Looks Like a Pomeranian (Photos)

This adorable ball of fluff has become the new small dog in fashion – the Pomsky! This little dog is the amazing outcome of breeding a Husky with a dwarf Spitz, or Pomeranian.

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The Pomsky is close to the Alaskan Klee Kai, a breed that was accidentally created in the 1970s in Alaska. The first Alaskan Klee Kai was born of an unwanted project that bred a Husky and another small dog.

Created to get a small pet dog that resembles the Husky, the Pomsky combines the traits of each of the breeds from which it came. Its size does not prevent it from being a dog full of energy who needs daily long walks to be happy. The Pomsky is described as a happy pet – playful, intelligent, loyal and outgoing.

This new dog, bred in England in particular, is not yet officially recognized, and there is no breeding of Pomskies in France. However, its wonderful face promises to attract many dog lovers, and it could in future become a highly sought after dog.

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There is one thing to consider though. Even though there’s no denying the beauty and attraction of the Pomsky, its innovation raises the question of just how far this hybridization will go?

A mini husky, full of joy and energy

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