The largest dog slaughterhouse in South Korea has been closed!

The South Korean government have announced their largest dog meat slaughterhouse, Taepyeong-dong complex, has been shut down.

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Dog lovers, you’ll be happy about this one!

The slaughterhouse will be bulldozed immediately

Taepyeong-dong Slaughterhouse once provided dog meat to restaurants and markets all over South Korea. But after pressure from animal rights activists to end South Korea’s custom of eating dog meat, the Human Society International finally announced that the slaughterhouse would shut down.

According to ABC, The press release explained how a community park will be built in its place, “creating a fun public space where once hundreds of thousands of dogs a year were gathered from the country’s thousands of dog meat farms to be killed by electrocution.

And there’s more good news

It’s not just the Slaughterhouse which has been shut down. Moran Market, “the last remaining bricks-and-mortar vendor selling live dogs”, has also been ordered to close.

And it makes sense, too. According to ABC, the BBC reported that the number of dog meat eaters has fallen dramatically. Seoul, the country’s capital, once had 1.5k restaurants service dog meet. By 2015, the number had dropped to 700. Though we don’t have a specific figure, nowadays, it’s far less.

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The conditions were horrifying

Slaughterhouse shut in South Korea
Disgusting conditions at the slaughterhouse ©Soi Dog Foundation

The activists told HSI that the slaughterhouse conditions were devastating.

“They found a large number of empty wire pens that would once have held hundreds of dogs, as well as the electrocution equipment used to kill them, knives, and a de-hairing machine,” HSI said.

Traditionally, it’s believed that abusing dogs before their death will improve the flavour of their meat. Yep, we know – it’s absolutely ridiculous.

But let’s look at the positives

Animal-rights organisations in Korea have campaigned for years on end to end the tradition. We’re so happy to see it’s beginning to happen.

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Iltaek Chae of KAWA said in a statement: “It is hoped that the closure of this horrific dog slaughterhouse can halt the suffering of more dogs in the future, and help trigger the collapse of the dog meat industry in Korea.”

Rescued dogs have been taken to animal shelters to recover, in a hope that they’ll eventually find a forever home.

Slaughterhouse shut in South Korea
The rescued dogs are being well-looked after ©Soi Dog Foundation

We’re crossing our fingers that we’ll continue to see steady progress in ending the slaughter and eating of dogs in Asia for good.

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