The DOG CHEESE challenge has gone viral – who needs beer pong?

Cheese, glorious cheese… we all love cheese! But what would happen if you throw a delicious slice of the good stuff on your dog? Well, you should try it by entering the dog cheese challenge!

We literally can’t count the number of viral internet challenges which have popped up over the past year. But this could be the best one yet! The dog cheese challenge is as simple as it sounds. Just throw a nice slice of tasty cheese on your dog… and see what happens.

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Has the internet gone mad? Yep, pretty much…

The only rule is that the cheese must land directly on your dog. What happens after that is completely out of your control! The challenge went viral after Matthew Elias shared the following treat:

Yep, we couldn’t agree more, Matthew. Who needs beer pong when you can just throw cheese on your dog? Though his pet Shih Tzu, Charlie, didn’t seem to be too bothered by the whole thing!

He said on Twitter, “There’s something about cheese hitting things that I’ve always thought was funny”.

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The original video has been viewed over 2 million times – and counting! Thousands of people have followed suit, uploading videos of them throwing slices of cheese at their dogs – not to mention cats and lizards!

But the #dogcheese challenge happened by chance

When asked why he thinks the challenge had become so popular, he was stumped – and revealed the whole thing was an accident.

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“Honestly, I don’t really have a good answer for that,” he said to the Windsor Star. “I didn’t even mean to actually land it on my dog. I meant to land the cheese next to him.”

“I’ve always kind of had an understanding that the internet is a crazy place, he said. “One thing can start from nothing, and then end up being something completely different.”

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