Take your dog to the movies – the first dog-friendly cinema facility in Wales

dog and cinema
Would you like to take your pet to a dog-friendly cinema?©pixabay

Have you ever wanted to take your dog to the cinema? Well now’s your chance, at Abergele in Wales. The whole family, including the dog, can go along to watch a movie together at this dog-friendly cinema.

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Dog-friendly cinema – a first for Conwy in Wales

It’s generally been frowned upon to take your dog into a public event, but here at Abergele your pet can come along for a night out too. However, the management of PetPlace, a pet store in the town has created a movie theatre right next door. With capacity for 40 people and 50 dogs, it’s sure to be a great success. What can be more enjoyable for pet owners with their dogs to meet other like-minded animal lovers? Certainly, at only £10 each ticket to admit one adult and a dog, it’s sure to be a massive sell-out.

Dog-friendly snacks and drinks available too

We all love popcorn and fizzy drinks when we visit the movies, well now our dogs can enjoy the fun too. Dog-friendly snacks and drinks titled “Pawsecco” and “Bottom Sniffer” all made from herbs and elderflower will go down a treat.

Pet-related chart toppers

Of course the films they show are going to be dog-related! Expect to see 101 Dalmatians, Beethoven or the Secret Life of Pets. It’s certainly not going to be a quiet event like it normally is at the cinema. It’s only going to take one howling dog to set the others off too.

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Further development plans for this dog-friendly cinema

The PetPlace movie complex cost around £100,000 to develop. The exciting development includes a coffee bar, a play park and a health store for pets and is expected to cost around £1.3 million. The company plan to hold themed cinema nights and many other doggy activities at the complex.

Many cinemas throughout the UK currently host selected movie screenings that allow dogs to accompany their owners. This first dog-friendly complex in Abergele, is focused entirely on dogs. Of course, their well-behaved owners can accompany them too!

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