Dehydrated Stray Dog Found By The Road Cries For Joy When Rescuer Saves Her

She turned out to be saved just on time.


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When Tania Cappulleti went out for an unbelievably hot Sunday stroll in Costa Rica, her objective was to search for a timid cream-colored stray dog who she had found the previous week. Even though Tania wasn’t able to locate the dog for whom she had initially been searching, she did discover another one who needed to be saved.

Source: Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue
Source: Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue

Lying to the side of a dirty street, not even close to any town, was a black bony dog. Tania immediately stopped her car to take a look at the poor pup. She said that her initial thoughts when she found this dog were the thoughts she had every time she encountered a stray.

“[It was] exactly the same notion I usually have whenever I notice a stray: Oh [no,] poor puppy. She must be really dehydrated!’ I pulled over without hesitation. We were on a rescue mission either way. I got foam beds from the back of my truck, water and also pet food – she really was fortunate.”

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