Helpful Pointers To Stop Your Dog From Running Away

Does your pet dog like to check things out? Does he run away to see what’s going on, even when he’s not supposed to? Do you ever find yourself surprised by how frequently your dog is able to get away from your yard and stroll around the community? Even though its funny from time to time to look out your window only to find your puppy sniffing all around the front yard, this can be very dangerous for your dog.

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Whenever your dog runs away from your yard he is vulnerable to getting hit by a car, or getting into a fight with another dog, or several other dangerous and frightening scenarios. However, have no fear pet pawrents! We have some hassle-free information and ways to prevent your dog from running away.

Factors That Can Cause Your Dogs To Run Away

There are many reasons why your pet dog might be trying to get out of the boundaries of your home or yard. Check out some of the most well-known factors for why dogs run off below.


To begin with, several dogs get away because they are lonely. In case your dog stays in the yard for far too long, she may break free because she’s searching for you. Some others may look for any kind of social interaction, whether it be with you, your neighbor, or some other dog.



A lot of dogs also wander off simply because they’re trying to secure their territory. When they notice a person walking down the street or another pet near their yard, they could try to leave to make sure that those “trespassers” have left once and for all.

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In case you have a male dog who is not neutered, he may break free because there’s a female dog in heat somewhere in your community or nearby. If he gets wind of her heat close by, he will do almost everything to smell her out.

running puppy


Last but not least, in case you have a puppy or young dog, she might be trying to escape so that she could go run around and let go of her energy if she’s left on her own in the back yard for a long time. This is also true for specifically energetic breeds of dogs, including sporting or hunting dogs who regularly need to be assigned a task or objective. These types of dog breeds are also keen smellers, and will do the best they can to look for a smell whenever they have locked onto it.


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In order to stop your pup from getting away, the easiest option would be to construct a fence all around your back yard if you don’t have one at the moment. If you’re not eager for this idea of installing a fence, or if your location is not going to permit it, an electric fence is perhaps a lot better than no fence at all.

Extra support

In case you are a step ahead of the game and presently have a wooden, electric or any fence, but your pet continues to find a way to deal with it (or under it), we suggest putting stones across the fence to stop your dog’s digging. Chicken wire hidden underneath the fence may also stop your dog from digging through your fence.

Attention and Physical Activity

To stop your dog from always wandering, it is usually very important to provide your pet with as great a deal of attention as you possibly can. If you have fun with your dog in the backyard, toss a frisbee, a tennis ball, or a toy, so that you can discharge lots of your dog’s energy. They will be much less likely to run off and check things out whenever you leave. Going for walks with your dog everyday could also help to stop him from running off, simply because a walk lets out energy and also provides the dog with companionship, and will lessen his feeling of being lonely.

Spay or Neuter Your Dog

And then to avoid sexual wandering, the most obvious solution here is to have your dog spayed or neutered. It will effortlessly solve this dilemma. Spaying or neutering your dog is actually very vital, because it will reduce the volume of stray or unwanted dogs who are in serious need for forever homes. We fully support the spaying or neutering of pets.

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