Stabbed Derbyshire police dog back in training

The sad story of a police dog stabbed while at work has a happy ending: Police dog Axel is back on the beat and sniffing out crime!

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Police dog stabbed during arrest

While the 4th of July might be a day of celebrations in the United States, over in the United Kingdom the day took a turn for the worse. Police dog Axel, a German shepherd, while assisting an arrest, was stabbed three times in the neck and back.

The police had been called out on complaints of a disturbance caused by a man in his late twenties. According to reports, quoted by the BBC, as well as stabbing Axel the man made death threats and damaged a police car. Numerous officers and a helicopter were also called to the scene. Recorder Adrian Reynolds, upon reading the man’s psychiatric report, labelled him as “dangerous”. He has since been remanded in custody and his trial is set for October 4, 2018.

PD Axel: a real fighter

Police dog Axel was taken to the Pride Veterinary Centre in the nearby city of Derby, where he underwent surgery. Derbyshire police kept the public informed, posting the following day that Axel was “making a good recovery from his injuries”. The Derbyshire Dog Section received huge support from the community and even abroad, from financial donations to treats and supplies.

Back on the hunt, and loving it!

Less than three months after his harrowing experience, police dog Axel is now back in the field.

Axel’s handler, PC Dean Allen, is overjoyed to have his best friend back by his side. In a report by BBC East Midlands, he explained his relief: “It was good to be back on the streets and catching people, which is what he does best.”

And Axel has already sniffed out more criminals, PC Allen revealed: “Only a couple of days ago, we were in Derby on night shift, and an offender for domestic violence made off from us and [Axel] chased and detained him with no problems whatsoever.”

Well done Axel, for keeping Derbyshire’s streets safe!

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