St Bernard triplets require giant-hearted adoption family

A St Bernard dog in the snow.
Three St Bernards are searching for someone to tussle with in the snow. ©Pixabay

Three enormous but anxiety-ridden St Bernards are looking for a new home in Edmonton, Canada. And it turns out the giants are a family of brothers.

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There has been a surprising flurry of interest in adopting the boys. But the Edmonton Humane Society (EHS) is taking its time to help them choose a home. With a combined weight of 350lb and a monthly food bill likely to hit around $300, the dogs require a family whose love runs deep.

It has to be pawfect

The brothers are from the same litter, and efforts to find them individual homes have failed as they become nervous when separated.

“While friendly and playful,” writes the EHS, “their behaviour assessment showed signs of the trio being bonded with each other, including high levels of anxiety, searching, and attempting to escape in order to find each other when separated.

“As a result, EHS is requiring that they go to the same home.”

The dogs are five years old, and in great condition. In fact, experts originally assumed they were as young as two years old, due to the good health of their teeth.

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We Three Kings

And they already have fabulous names – Goliath, Gunther, and Gasket. That’s one less thing to worry about for whoever decides they have room in their heart for the gentle giants.

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Applications to adopt the St Bernards have come from as far away as Australia. The dogs are looking for a home closer to their Canadian roots, however, to minimize travel stress. The Humane Society has now closed applications to concentrate on sifting through the more than 200 pleas from eager dog-lovers.

Perhaps the brothers will be coming to a town near you. If so, you are advised to get out of their way.

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