Sick puppy bought online was terrified of everything — until she met her new mum

Beau, the Dalmatian puppy didn’t have a very good start in life. Advertised for sale online then bought by her first family and taken to their home. She then became very ill. She was terrified of everything!

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Unfortunately for Beau the puppy, her new family couldn’t afford to pay for her treatment at the Vet. She was handed over to the RSPCA in February. Staff at the Millbrook Animal Centre, soon realised that she was seriously ill with parvovirus. This contagious, deadly disease commonly affects puppies that have been bought from pet shops, online or from unscrupulous breeders, out to make quick money for themselves. The pups bred in these conditions dont’ have a very good start in life. They are often taken away from their mothers at a very early age and haven’t received the correct vaccinations. Without the proper treatment for this terrible disease, Beau had only a small chance of survival.

Beau’s treatment and adoption

To prevent the spread of this contagious illness, they had to keep Beau in solitary confinement, away from all the other dogs. Although she made a recovery, as a result of her early isolation from the other dogs, she was rather late learning her puppy development and socialisation skills. Once fully recovered, the RSPCA placed Beau up for adoption. In April, she moved in with her new family. However, they soon discovered that her unstable start to her life had made her very shy and nervous.

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💕🐾 ⭐️ Special Appeal ⭐️💕🐾 Beautiful Beau arrived at Millbrook in the back of a van, her owners could no longer care for her and it was obvious she wasn’t very well. We rushed her to the vet and, as we suspected, she was diagnosed with Parvovirus – a very serious condition which can be fatal if left untreated. She spent a week at the vets and is now well enough to come back to Millbrook, but Parvovirus is very contagious so she is in a kennel block all by herself. If anyone wishes to send in some presents for her you’d really perk her up as she is rather bored with being isolated. Beau’s stay at the vets has left us with a rather hefty vet bill of £3,500 so we’ve set up a JustGiving page for her so that anyone can donate towards her treatment costs and ongoing care if they wish to help – link in bio #dalmatian #adoptdontshop #surrey #chobham #woking #rspca #parvovirus #poorlydog #spottydog #rescuedog

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Beau before her adoption © Millbrook-rspca, twitter

Beau’s anxious and worried demeanour

The Dalmatian puppy appeared to be frightened of everything in the normal world away from her kennel at the centre. She jumped at every new sight and sound and really didn’t like walking through doorways. Unhappily, her adopted family returned the pup to the RSPCA shelter, after deciding that the nervous pup was too much for them to handle.

Staff at the centre knew they had to do all they could to help Beau overcome her worries and fears. They pulled out all the stops and made a mock-up of a room at home, including a radio, TV and several appliances. They introduced Beau to this home environment and gradually let her become accustomed to the various scenes and sounds of everyday life.  As the days passed, she slowly became more accepting and less concerned.

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A new adoption for Beau

Once the shelter was happy that the Dalmatian puppy was adapting to everyday life, she was once again, placed up for adoption. Trudy Kemp, who has owned this breed of dog before came forward when she heard about Beau. After heading to the shelter, she couldn’t resist the gorgeous pup and was keen to go ahead with the adoption.

So Beau went to her new home with Trudy Kemp. Even on her first visit, she was initially very anxious about going into the house. This pup had missed out on so much during her formative days and week, she was still so unsure about the world around her.

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One month later

For the first few days at her new home, Beau had to be picked up by her new mom and taken into the house and car.  After just a short period the pup became braver. Now, after just one month with her new family, Beau has happily settled into her new life and is having lots of fun with Penny, her adopted dog sister. They play together, running through the house and garden, having lots of fun.

The tough start that this puppy had, certainly impacted on her early days, but with the dedicated care the RSPCA shelter staff gave her and the abundance of affection from her new owner, has definitely paid off. Beau is now a confident, happy pup, living life to the full!

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