Seeing double: This woman’s dog got run over, so she CLONED it!

Our pets truly become part of the family, so when they pass, it can be tough. But one woman found it so hard when her pooch was accidentally killed, that she decided to take things into her own hands – and clone it!

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We all know it’s going to happen someday, so we make as many memories with our beloved pets while we can. But if your dog died, would you go so far as to clone it?

That’s exactly what a woman in Louisville, Kentucky did. Unfortunately, her sweet little pup was accidentally killed when it was run over by a car. Katie Ryser, the owner, wasn’t ready to say goodbye.

They were the best of friends

Hazel was much more than a dog to her – she was a friend who helped her through hard times. She told WAVE, “I got Hazel when I was five months sober and I was learning how to live again,”.

But her pooch died instantly in the accident, leaving Katie feeling shocked and upset. However, one thing quickly sprung to her mind – she’d seen a news story about dog cloning just a few days prior to the accident.

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It must have been fate! She got in touch with the company, ViaGen, immediately.

Cloning dog
This video explains the cloning process ©ViaGen

She decided to clone her dog

“They said you still have time, but you don’t have a lot of time,” she said.

Skin cells were collected from poor little Hazel, which were then shipped over to the company at 38 degrees on dry ice. They were then cultivated.

The company explains: “We’ll take one of buddy’s cells and replace the nucleus of a female dog’s egg. The egg and cell join together and the embryo starts to grow.” After a ‘typical gestation’, Hazel’s clone was born.

They immediately clicked

Cloning a dog
Azaelea is SO similar to Hazel! ©CNN

Katie named her Azalea – and they bonded instantly.

She came right into my arms. Her tail was moving 100 miles an hour and she just came right to me. Everything is the same as Hazel about her – the colouring, her eyes, her little button nose.

And she’s so similar, that Katie has noticed her doing the things Hazel used to do. Hazel used to climb up on Katie’s should in the car, and lay across her back – and guess what? Azalea did exactly the same thing.

Azalea also drinks out of Katie’s glass… and you guessed it, Hazel used to do that too. They even sit on the exact same spot of the couch. On top of this, Azalea looks at herself in the mirror the same way Hazel used to. How cute!

“I know that (cloning a pet) might seem excessive, and I’m very aware of that. Hazel was not only an incredibly important part of my sobriety and learning how to be a human being again, but she was also a perfect dog,” Katie said.

We wish Katie all the luck with her new pooch!

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