Sassy Puppy Doesn’t See Eye-to-eye with Mom; Throws a Temper Tantrum in Hilarious Fashion

Every now and then, parents and kids don’t see eye-to-eye. It’s not a bad thing. Children should learn to develop their own opinions, and they should fight for what they believe is good and right. This is true in both the human world and in the animal world.

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In the video below, a Mama bulldog named Patches butts heads with her stubborn puppy, Elvis.

Elvis was born with a cleft lip and permanent sneer, and as a result, he was bottle-fed for the first few months of his life. However, over time, Elvis grew into a “very strong, energetic, and physically active” puppy. Now, Elvis wants to prove that he’s a big boy.

In the video, Mom tries to give her puppy a push in the direction she wants to go, but Elvis refuses to listen. In fact, this sassy puppy throws a hilarious temper tantrum that’s adorable to watch. He begins to talk back to Mom and acts out, much like an adolescent human.

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