His Previous ‘Owner’ Kicked Him Like a Football, But Even in Pain He Continued to Wagged His Tail

This poor little pup, known as Robin, was kicked like a football by his previous “owner.” This abuse damaged his diaphragm and shoved his inner organs up to his heart and lungs, which caused a great amount of pressure that could’ve killed him.

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Robin’s only chance for survival was to have an emergency surgery that re-positioned his internal organs and restored his diaphragm. Despite the dangers, they decided to go through with it. Lucky for little Robin, it succeeded!

He has recovered wonderfully and he’s now living with his new humans. They just adore him, and he now has doggy siblings to run and play with.

No matter how much this pup has gone through, he never loses hope. Robin experienced a very difficult past, but now he’ll never have to be worried about a terrible human hurting him ever again!

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Have a look at Robin’s remarkable recovery in the video below: