Terrified and Shaking, this Dog Who Had Been Chained and Forced to Fight All Her Life is Finally Rescued

The Humane Society of the United States has rescued 50 dogs from two different properties in North Carolina, one in Pamlico County, and the other in Jones County. Both were suspected dog fighting operations.

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Dozens of dogs were chained to tree stumps and left with little to no food or water. Many of the dogs were covered in scars, and it was obvious that they had been put through a lot of fights. Some of the dogs were locked in small cages. Many were just little puppies who were being raised for the sole purpose of fighting. Instead of getting to live a happy life like a dog deserves, these pups were slated for a life of misery and pain.

But luckily that fate changed. When the rescue team arrived, some were barking for attention with desperate pleas, while others were terrified and shaking. They carried all of the pups out to safety and immediately got them the medical care they needed.

Gremlin Von Cocopuff is just one of the 50 dogs that were rescued. But now he has found a furever home with his human, Meghan. He is a four-year-old Pit Bull and he’s as cute as ever! He also made a doggy best friend who lives down the street. I’m so happy that Gremlin and the other 49 dogs were saved from these horrible conditions!

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