Puppy Stands up for Rescuer Trying to Free His Paw from a Trap

It's as if the dog knew the man was there to help.

A puppy’s paw was stuck in a trap, and this man found him just in time. The rescuer thought the hardest part would be getting the pup to stand up on the hurting paw so that he could open the trap. Much to his surprise, the dog stood right up! Gino was rushed to the vet where they were able to save his paw. Now he’s looking for his forever home.

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Puppy Found Stuck In A Trap Gets Help Just In Time

When this guy found a puppy stuck in a trap, he knew he had to act FAST if he wanted to save the pup's foot. (via Dodo Impact)

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Gepostet von The Dodo am Dienstag, 6. Juni 2017