Despite Her Heartbreaking Condition, She Still Wagged Her Tail when Her Rescuers Arrived

Hope For Paws, an animal rescue organization, received a call about an unhealthy dog who had been living alone on the streets. They immediately went to the dog’s location and began gaining her trust by holding out their hands and giving her some food.

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As she walked closer, they could see the horrible condition she was in. She suffered from mange and her paws were extremely swollen from infection. Despite all of this, she was still wagging her tail, and she couldn’t be more friendly.

While some rescuers distracted her with food, others got a leash around her and carried her into the car. Soon enough, she was on her way to her new and improved life! The veterinarian checked her out, gave her a bath and treated her to help her get healthy again.

Hope for Paws documented her progress from day 1 to day 36, and she is almost unrecognizable! She looks like a totally different dog! At the end, you can see her in her new home, playing with her new doggy pals and looking happier and healthier than ever!

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