Found Bald and Starving, this Pug from Down Under Was Saved Just in Time

A volunteer from a rescue in Australia shared their beautiful story about the lovely Pug named Basil. This Pug was subject to some inhumane treatment from his former family in Melbourne, and he was experiencing a long list of heath problems. The Australian rescue group soon realised that they didn’t have long to save Basil’s life.

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When he was found, Basil was was nearly covered in mange, had stomach worms and suffered from eye issues!

His former family had been abusive, and Basil was almost completely bald and starving.

So, when he was turned in, the rescuers knew that getting Basil back to health would take a long time….

Visits from the vet and medicated baths allowed Basil to heal fast enough to be introduced to other rescued pugs at the shelter.

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In a matter of weeks, the little pup was looking like a completely new Pug!

His fur had started coming back in, and he was looking like a much healthier dog!

Look at how close Basil is with his new friends!

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All Basil wanted was some love and care.

After eight weeks, Basil was completely mite free!

And after some appropriate treatment and care, Basil will be on his way to living a happy, healthy life!