Rescue dog was saved from Hurricane Florence flooding in live stream

Rescue dog was saved from flood.
Dogs are extremely affected by floods. ©spantax. Unplash

WTVD’s reporter Julie Wilson saved a rescue dog by carrying her to safety through a knee-deep flooding in North Carolina during the passing of Hurricane Florence.

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Julie Wilson, a reporter covering Hurricane Florence in the town of New Bern, North Carolina, did a very humanitarian action. On Friday, she saved a rescue dog from the flood in the middle of her broadcast.

Many people watched how she saved the rescue dog

Everything started when Julie Wilson recorded a Facebook Live video showing the world how terrible the weather conditions were in North Carolina.  Then, as you can see in the video, Julie bumped into a local woman called Tasha. She explained to her that her daughter’s rescue dog was inside the flooded house. Julie went with Tasha to the house to save the Rottweiler. In the video, Julie carried the rescue dog through the water until they reached a more shallow area.

Julie’s humanity shocked the world

When the rescue dog was safe, Sasha was very grateful to Julie. She said that her son was actually rescuing another dog that was left inside another house. In declarations to ABC, Julie Wilson said “Nobody’s leaving the dog in this mess. That’s what we’re doing out here”.

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North Carolina suffered dearly

Julie said in her Facebook live video that the local community actually impressed her. Everyone worked together to save pets and people under those dangerous circumstances. It was a real community. The latest reports said that at least 23 inches of rain poured by Friday night. The worst thing is that it is not over yet. The National Weather Service of the US expects that some areas of the Carolinas will still get 15 more inches.

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