Rescue Dog Rebel Saves His ‘Brother’ From Drowning.

dog saves his brother from drowning in a pool
Dog saves hi buddy in a pool. ©️Angyalosi Beata. Shutterstock

A rescue pup named Rebel is being hailed as a hero after leaping into a family swimming pool and saving his brother from drowning.

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This dramatic incident happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma, home to Rebel, his proud owners the Frazier family, and their four other Westie rescue dogs.

Rebel to the rescue

Last Month, Rebel and his new siblings were playing in the back garden when poor little Dax fell into the family pool. It became clear that Dax was in trouble, but quick thinking Rebel was on hand to save the day. Without hesitating, the brave pooch jumped into the pool, grabbed Dax by the collar, and dragged his doggy brother to safety. Rebel’s heroics were caught on a security camera overlooking the pool, and his owners were amazed when they saw the footage for the first time. 

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Rebel saves the day!

Rebel was adopted recently from OWR here in Tulsa. His family shared this video of Rebel saving one of his fur siblings. Go, Rebel, go!

Gepostet von Oklahoma Westie Rescue am Samstag, 8. September 2018

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High Praise for Rebel

Unsurprisingly, the Frazier family are all very proud of Rebel, and staff from the Oklahoma Westie Rescue are just as amazed. Commenting on the rescue, Courtney Todd told the Dodo: “We are so proud of him for saving his dog brother. People often think that rescue dogs are broken, and are scarred for life. Rebel’s act of heroism proves that no matter their previous situation they deserve to have a second chance. Rebel is also a great example that rescue pets are amazing, and such loving creatures full of wonderful surprises.”

Lessons Learnt

It’s a heartwarming story that shows why we should never give up on dogs, and especially not rescue dogs. Discarded and abandoned, there are thousands of dogs waiting to be rescued and adopted by loving families. And Rebel has shown us all that when given the chance, these dogs are capable of doing amazing things. Well done again, Rebel. Now that’s what I call a good boy!

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